Mack Tharpe

Mack Tharpe

Mack started wakesurfing in 2016 behind a 2007 Wakesetter with a stick on wedge and drop the pump in the water bags.  He never looked back!

He loves his Pure Tripp board and says “it is the fastest board I have ever ridden….I have bought, sold, traded, and demoed at least 60 boards! No one has ever cared about my board and its performance the way the folks at Pure have!  They truly listen to feedback and are dedicated to perfecting their made in the USA boards.”

He looks forward to surfing every day of the season, wether on the water himself or sharing the stoke. He and his fiancé, Joyce, have pulled over 150 new new riders, including their own grandson who just got up for the first time! 

Mack loves the wakesurf community and the great people in it! 

Years surfing: 6

Current boat:  Centurion RI230, most waves have push…..this wave has shove!!

Current board: Pure Tripp

Dream Surf:  Arizona Canyons, all the videos I see look amazing. 

Favorite location- My lake  Monday through Friday!

Instagram:  @westpointwake