We started PURE Wakesurf™ after custom fitting handcrafted wakesurf boards for people all over the world for many years.  Through this time, as the owners of Wake Outfitters, we built a name for ourselves as the go-to source to get your ride and fit right the first time.  Everyone deserves to have the right fit, right performance for your needs, and people that can relate to where you are in your journey.  

We started working with some of the best shapers in the industry and finding the right fit to join our team. During that search, we started working with Erie Peeples, a world renowned shaper.  In Erie we found someone that cared as much as we do about getting people on the right board.  With over 32 years of experience and over 30,000 boards built, his knowledge and ability far exceeded our expectations and dove tailed perfectly with our knowledge and experienced.  It was the perfect match.

Together we have worked countless hours in designing, prototyping, testing, and repeat.  With years of experience and knowing what works in each situation, we have been able to tweak each design as we have tested them and can now confidently say that we feel we have some of the best boards in the industry.

Our boards are made in our very own facility in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. All of our boards are 100% American Made with materials all sourced in the USA. This is something that has taken a lot of time and thoughtful process, but this was what was most important to us. 

We use S-Glass aerospace grade material in our glassing schedule which is 3-4x the expense of the traditional E-Glass found on majority of wakesurf boards. This adds much more strength, lighter weight and also instant feedback from the board. Our proprietary glassing technique gives the board that response you are looking for, where you are able to feel the flow of the water from the nose and all the way through the fin boxes.

You will also notice our custom stringer, being Black/Natural/Black.  This isn't just to give it a look that pops, this also adds strength down the centerline just like ocean surfers. We also offer stringerless and other stringer types to further advance your specific riding and varies from each model.

If you have any questions or just simply want to chat, reach out to us.  You are why we do what we do.  We stand behind every board and your satisfaction is our priority.

We can't wait for you to experience Pure Wakesurf!

Kennon & Vanessa Owensby
Pure Wakesurf™
Wake Outfitters®