Zero G Carbon FX

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Zero G Carbon FX

Zero G Carbon FX

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This is where things get crazy! You’ve seen these on podiums all season and now we are releasing it to you. 

All of the attributes of the Zero G that you know and love…. ON Adrenaline. Our Pure proprietary aerospace Carbon top, stringerless EPS core, and E-glass bottom is a recipe for performance and pop! The carbon gives a stiffer deck and the stringerless core with clear bottom give twice the rebound rate as the standard fiberglass boards.  As you drive down the line and load up the wave for that air, the board still flexes but a much faster rebound rate giving it more pop.  

There is a lot more going on under the carbon than meets the eye. We have added more performance enhancements into the material and under the hood. This forward advancement in wakesurfing technology will take your riding to new boundaries. Our expert team of shapers have been crafting for decades and we are constantly in R&D mode.  Most companies outsource their carbon work but not here. We bring to life EVERY single board under our own roof. We pride ourselves in being the first to bring you the PURE Carbon Technology to the wakesurfing market and that technology has been proven  this season podium after podium.

If you are looking for the next level in performance enhancement with industry breaking technology, stiffer deck for responsiveness and more pop, the PURE Carbon FX series can’t be passed.  

*All PURE Carbon FX Series board come with Traction and High Performance Fins.

Through the testing phase, it was unanimous in that this board is crazy fast and knows no boundaries, hence ZERO G (gravity)

The ZERO G features a diamond nose for quick spins that will also aid in smooth reverts. The exaggerated diamond tail helps symmetry in revert but also acts as a trailing fin for speed and tracking. The tail also forces the board to respond quickly on those 360’s with speed, to quickly set you up for the next trick. 

The rails are sharper from the tail while tapering through the nose. This helps with speed, rail to rail control and release with spins.The concave deck to help you sit more into the board for control and to also allow the rails to flare out for that beefy hold and forgiveness. A single to double concave hull for perfect lift, speed but will hold much firmer in choppy water for rail to tail transitions. With unparalleled speed and stability, the ZERO G does not disappoint.

Boxes: Futures – Twin Fin
Rocker Design: Moderate
Core & Materials: EPS core with classic wood stringer (black/natural/black) to combine ocean to wake. Includes S-Glass for superior strength and instant board feedback. Includes Pure X-FLEX Technology
Sizes: 4’2 – 5’0
*Reach out for custom sizes

INCLUDED: Board · Traction · High performance fins

Size 4'2 PREORDER 4-6 WEEKS Fit Guide