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Nothing to hide here.  We build our boards using only the highest quality materials, ALL sourced in the USA. We handshape EVERY board under our own roof in New Smyrna Beach, FL. Shaped one at a time, by our team of master shapers that have been building ocean surfboards for decades. 

Our most recent addition to Pure Wakesurf is Erie Peeples formerly of Erie Wakesurf Boards. Erie has been a professional ocean surf judge, surfer and has been building boards for multiple world titles in both ocean and wake.  Not many people can say that! We are proud to have him on our team! 

Performance is what we strive for.  We have worked endless hours perfecting boards geared towards podium finishes and to the weekend warrior. You will notice a combination of sharp rails to soft rounded rails.  You will get the quick response you are looking for on those 360's but also able to hold the line while driving down to get those big airs!  You will find our boards to be high performance, playful and forgiving. We have a board for all skill levels.

All of our Pure solid white boards don't have any tints or shades to the resin, you see the "core" of what we are shaping.  We use complete clear resin so if you look closely, you are actually seeing the foam core.  We want you to see the quality in every board and why we do what we do.  We aren't focused on quantity, only quality. 

We use S-Glass aerospace grade material in our glassing schedule which is 3-4x the expense of the traditional E-Glass found on majority of wakesurf boards. This adds much more strength, lighter weight and also instant feedback from the board. Our proprietary glassing technique gives the board that response you are looking for, where you are able to feel the flow of the water from the nose and all the way through the fin boxes.

You will also notice we use different stringer types in our construction.  This isn't just to give it a look that pops, this also adds strength or playfulness down the centerline and to give the board more feedback. We use different stringer types to further advance your specific riding and varies from each model.

We can't wait for you to experience Pure Wakesurf!